Stephen Marcus


Steve is Co-Founder and General Partner of Riot Ventures, an early stage venture fund based in Los Angeles. He is a futurist and believes that the next 20 years of humanity will be profoundly affected by advances in technology. Steve came to Riot having been an entrepreneur with over 20 years building wireless networks end-to-end. He has also invested in dozens of tech companies including a half dozen unicorns that collectively have over $150B of market capitalization. Steve led Riot's investments in Toast (restaurant OS), Desktop Metal (industrial additive manufacturing), Shield.AI (AI pilot), Usable Machines (Enterprise AI), Lumafield (CT scanning for manufacturing), Mango (pharmaceutical manufacturing), and Assetario (real time pricing for gaming).

Steve received a BS from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. In his spare time, Steve plays competitive tennis and high stakes poker, and loves meeting the locals and exploring strange new places.